“Grab ’em by the Songs” was born out of a need to respond to both the vitriolic and demeaning language used by the President during the 2016 election and, a response to the call to action for women. I wanted to create a platform for women to share the stage with songs and stories. This movement is happening all around the country and I’m honored to follow this trend.

Grab ‘Em By the Songs, the Songwriting Series” has its home at the Ivy Room in Albany, CA every fourth Wednesday of the month.

Grab ‘Em By the Songs, the Podcast” is a labor of love which began between me and collaborator, Maya Dorn. Together we created the foundation of this podcast. Maya has since moved on but I am continuing the project with her blessing and, the support of Audrey Howard AKA Audrey on the Couch along with our community of women wanting to collaborate, support and tell their stories.

The podcast can be found on Soundcloud and, iTunes. Take a listen and then, rate and review it.
I’d truly appreciate it!

To find out more, visit grabembythesongs.com